Public NAT64 Services -

A list of public usable NAT64 Services.

If you want your service to be added, updated or removed, please drop a mail to
Big thank you to all the providers for offering this service for free. Thanks to @treysis for compiling the initial list.

Provider Country / City DNS64 Server NAT64 Prefix DoH DoT
go6Labs Slovenia 2001:67c:27e4:15::6411 2001:67c:27e4:642::/96
go6Labs Slovenia 2001:67c:27e4::64 2001:67c:27e4:64::/96
go6Labs Slovenia 2001:67c:27e4:15::64 2001:67c:27e4:1064::/96
go6Labs Slovenia 2001:67c:27e4::60 2001:67c:27e4:11::/96
Kasper Dupont Germany / Nürnberg 2a01:4f8:c2c:123f::1 2a01:4f8:c2c:123f:64::/96
Kasper Dupont The Netherlands / Amsterdam 2a00:1098:2b::1 2a00:1098:2b::/96
Kasper Dupont United Kingdom / London 2a00:1098:2c::1 2a00:1098:2c::/96
Kasper Dupont Finland / Helsinki 2a01:4f9:c010:3f02::1 2a01:4f9:c010:3f02:64::/96
Trex Finland / Tampere 2001:67c:2b0::4 2001:67c:2b0:db32::/96
Trex Finland / Tampere 2001:67c:2b0::6 2001:67c:2b0:db32:0:1::/96
Tuxis The Netherlands / Ede 2a03:7900:2:0:31:3:104:161 2a03:7900:6446::/96 Germany / Frankfurt am Main 2a09:11c0:100::53 2a09:11c0:010f::/96 United Kingdom / London 2a09:11c0:100::53 2a09:11c0:010f::/96